How can you triple your security driving skills all in one shot?

Introducing: The EP Access Executive Security Driving Bundle

Promise: Learn everything you need to know about executive security driving—all in one place

For: For EP professionals who want to know all there is about safe, effective, and customer service-oriented driving

Pain: Not every EP professional can wait years to gain on-the-job experience driving principals. In fact, even a few jobs won’t teach you all the skills and techniques you need to be successful. 

Opportunity: A three-class bundle that unlocks decades of experience in one integrated online learning experience.


Our all-inclusive course bundle helps you learn from the best professionals in the business on your terms, wherever you are.

This course bundle covers everything from passenger comfort to vehicle dynamics and physics, as well as a variety of helpful tips that distill years of knowledge into an accessible online program. Our courses will help you reconsider speed and handling, evasive maneuvering, principal security, and more.

The Executive Security Driving Bundle focuses on:

  • The necessity of keeping a low profile for yourself as well as your vehicle
  • Staying alert through the six stages of risk mitigation for executive security drivers
  • The unconscious habits that impair your driving
  • The role driving positions play in keeping your principal safe (and comfortable)
  • The importance of “getting off the X” in a vehicle
  • Etiquette rules for executive security drivers 

This bundle features classes from EP instructors Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio and Aaron Mauldin.

Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio shares nearly two-decade’s worth of his experience in security throughout this in-depth course. Pablo’s clients have included Fortune 500 corporations, celebrities, and ultra-high net worth individuals and families.

Aaron shares 16 years’ worth of experience in close protection, program management, procurement, and training operations to this unique in-depth course. His clients have included Fortune 500 corporations, celebrities, and ultra-high net worth individuals and families.


You may think that it takes years of driving experience to become a seasoned executive security driver. Far from it: years of time behind the wheel may not give you the best practices that come from learning from the professionals. Worse yet, it may even create and cement bad habits.


Expand your protective knowledge and expertise behind the wheel. Build your brand to incorporate driving and stand out among the competition. 

Executive security professionals need to parlay their security skills when they get behind the wheel. Keeping a principal safe in a vehicle is different than when on foot and in venues. Thankfully, however, many of your skills can be applied to driving scenarios as long as you know what to look for. Our course pack covers everything you need to know in, near, and outside the vehicle.

Who is it for?

Security professionals who want to start driving their principals, build their business to incorporate security driving, or learn from experienced professionals to up their game.

Executive driving is a sought-after skill. Too few professionals know how to translate their protective skills to security driving. Thankfully, much of what we know can help make you a comprehensive driver for your principal. The courses in this bundle cover basic vehicle mechanics and physics, security skills you need to avoid or extricate principals from danger, and how to provide customer satisfaction while keeping safety at the forefront.

What you'll walk away with

This program will teach you:

  • The difference between being a chauffeur and a security driver
  • Safety checks in and outside of the vehicle
  • Basic mechanic repairs
  • The must-have gear your vehicle needs
  • Understanding risk on the road
  • Strategies for staying alert on the road
  • The “Six Golden Rules” of executive security driving
  • Operational planning for routes
  • Impact dynamics and the science behind crashes
  • The importance of getting off the X
  • How acceleration, braking, and turning work together
  • Driver etiquette and passenger comfort
The cost of not taking action

Time behind the wheel will only take you so far. The bad habits you have today won’t go away on their own. If anything, they’ll get reinforced. You can spend plenty of time learning from your mistakes and hoping for the best, or you can learn from the best and avoid hard lessons.

This course bundle will help you learn from experts, be it from their successes or even their failures. This means you can avoid making the same mistakes while you learn from world-class professionals.  As security professionals, we need to think ahead. There’s no room for errors with a principal. This class covers everything you need to know, all in one place.

Choice #1 or Choice #2

You’ve got two options:

CHOICE #1: Make due with the experience you have and the experience you get from doing

CHOICE #2: Learn essential skills and tips from professionals, saving you time and mistakes


Executive Security Driving: Security Awareness

  1. Understanding Risk

Breaking down risk factors and assessment behind the wheel, as well as how to mitigate risky situations

  1. The Fundamentals of Security Awareness

The importance of staying alert behind the wheel, as well as the Six Golden Rules of Executive Security Driving

  1. Systematic Decision Making

Dissecting the limitations of “gut instinct” and how proper tools can help you use your intuition the right way when you’re behind the wheel. 

  1. Executive Security Driving in Practice

Putting fast and slow thinking into practice when you’re behind the wheel, especially during periods of civil unrest and in riot scenarios.

Course Wrap-up

Beyond Chauffeur: The Why and How of Customer Service in Executive Security Driving

  1. Chauffeur vs. Security Driver

Breaking down the difference between being a chauffeur and a security driver, and why that differentiation matters.

  1. Vehicle Preparation

The vital components of vehicle preparation, including gear, first aid supplies, and COVID-19 driver and vehicle safety protocols.

  1. Operational Planning

Situational awareness is essential behind the wheel, especially when driving in unfamiliar areas. This section is about best practices for route planning, risk mitigation, and how to build situational awareness when technology fails us.

  1. How to Drive like a Professional Chauffeur

It’s important to master your soft skills in the executive protection industry. Personal skills take front and center when you’re an executive security driver, making it important to their safety and comfort that you strike the right professional tone.

  1. Vendor, Contract Driver, and Limo Driver Checklist

Useful checklists and other go-to procedures to help you organize and execute future travel operations. You’ll also receive your certificate of completion and graduation. 

Vehicle Dynamics: Applying the Principles of Physics to Your Principal’s Safety and Comfort

  1. The Driving Equation

Things to look out for during your risk assessments while on the road, as well as the six stages of risk mitigation that every executive protection professional needs to know.

  1. The Driver

Why alertness is so important for executive security drivers, including best practices, worst practices, and the six golden rules behind successful executive security driving.

  1. Physics versus Biology

The common mental mistakes we make without realizing, and how we can overcome unhelpful instincts. We’ll also teach you how to avoid them and build robust habits in their place.

  1. The Vehicle Part of the Equation

Every vehicle can accelerate, brake, and turn: how your vehicle does these three things is where the core difference rests between each of them. This section covers how the center of gravity, and G forces, affect your vehicle’s handling.

  1. Tires and Vehicle Handling

Tires connect the car to the road. Anything you do as a driver runs through your tires, making it essential that you understand the basics of how tires work and how to maintain them.

OPPORTUNITY COST: This vital course bundle is priced at just $495.00 – $90 less than you’d pay if you bought all three courses separately!