The EP Access Learning Credo

As protectors who care about the security of our clients, we always try to promote best practices in security and business, the highest possible agreed standards, and constant attention to quality.

We know that executive protection professionals cannot completely eliminate risk. We are entrepreneurs who are not in the business of saying no. We are idealists who want to professionalize the business of executive protection. And we are realists who make do with what we’ve got. So, we always strive to mitigate risk as effectively as possible with the resources we have available.

We recognize that all executive protection clients have different risk profiles, lifestyles, personal preferences, organizational cultures, and budgets. So, we always strive to customize how we provide executive protection to respect and incorporate our clients’ needs in our protective services.

That’s why EP Access courses:

  • Are based on best international practices that are proven in the real world.
  • Encourage learners to apply an intelligent mix of people, procedures, and technology to mitigate risk as effectively as possible.
  • Pay attention to scope so they are pertinent to major corporate and family office security departments, large EP companies, and smaller independent providers – and budgets of all kinds.
  • Are taught by professionals with extensive and recent practical protective experience.
  • Teach what they can online and at a fair price, to make the courses available to as many practitioners as possible worldwide.
  • Combine online, in-person, and sustainment training in a hybrid learning approach that encourages effective, efficient, and lasting skill building.