What if you could take your executive protection advance skills to the next level in just one course?


Masterclass in Executive Protection Advances:

A Hybrid Learning Approach

Learn everything there is to know about

For seasoned EP professionals who want to advance their careers

(or even those who want to become one)

Let’s be honest: there’s more to doing real advance work than running through a checklist.  

Advances are only as good as the people doing them. With all the potential scenarios, threats, and factors to consider, good advances make all the difference in keeping your principal safe and productive. Good advances can also make a big difference in your career.

If you want to make it in the field of executive protection, you need to have good instincts and even better training. Finding the time to hone your skills while working long (and sometimes stressful) shifts can mean sacrificing your own growth and skills acquisition. In this line of business, that can make a big difference to your principal’s security and productivity. And to your productivity and job security.

Knowing how to do advance work the right way means blending hard and soft skills. Of course, knowing how to neutralize threats is good; knowing how to avoid them in the first place is even better. That’s where solid advances come in. And that’s where our masterclass in EP advances makes a real difference.

What would you do if you could complete a big chunk of the coursework on your own time, when and where you want to? Then build on this to learn the lessons only in-person teaching can offer? And get 2 years of sustainment training? And do so all in one convenient program?


EP Access’s Masterclass in Executive Protection Advances does more than provide you with the basics of detailed and thorough advance work. Our program blends the flexibility of online learning with the essential in-person training that makes our certificate more than just a piece of paper on your office wall. 

This masterclass comes with 12 hours of insights and experience in the art and science of advances, digesting decades of experience into an unparalleled course that can help you advance your own career. The program also includes a live, online pre-fieldwork seminar followed by three days of fieldwork in world-famous Las Vegas, Nevada.

All coursework is developed and taught by Christian West, who has conducted hundreds of advances for some of the most demanding clients all over the world.

Our Masterclass in Executive Protection Advances will hone your skills in:

  • On-site venue, event, and expeditionary advances
  • Advances under time pressure
  • Open-source advances
  • Site surveys
  • Establishing SOPs and other policies and procedures based on advances
  • Advance write ups and presentations
  • Advance budgeting, manpower and resource management

This masterclass requires participants to graduate with an 80% or higher score on their online module before they can participate in the fieldwork section of the course. This means you’re actually learning real-life skills that matter, not just buying a certificate.

If you want to become a world-class EP professional,
you need to set yourself apart.

Our Advance Masterclass is the only one of its kind, blending hours of flexible online learning with in-field exercises to truly make the most of what you’ve learned online. Did we mention that you’ll also get two years of sustainment training to make these skills really stick?

Who is it for?

Our Masterclass in Executive Protection Advances is for professionals who need to create a robust plan for advances that truly mitigate personal security and reputational risk for principals—all while enhancing productivity and remaining cost effective. 

Anyone who wants hands-on, heads-on training with the flexibility to learn on their own time needs this course to grow their skills and take their careers to the next level. Whether you’re new to the business or looking to make yourself stand out from the competition, this course is a must-have educational experience.


This program will teach you:


Neither you, nor your principal, can risk a sloppy or haphazard approach to advances. To be the best, you have to learn from the best. Christian and his team will share with you their successes and challenges, sparing you potential failures and hard lessons of your own. No other course offers this hybrid environment that teaches you skills with online flexibility, real-world and in-person fieldwork, and sustainment training. 


Learn from the pros on your own time

Learn from your mistakes in due time


We’ll lay out all details of the Masterclass, align expectations, and run through what the course will provide. This 30-minute introduction will be your key to the rest of the Masterclass and serve as the foundation for the program.

Christian shares the lessons he’s learned while doing advances for some of the world’s most professional executive protection programs.

This immersive online experience goes way beyond the checklists taught in traditional EP schools. We offer 12 hours worth of deep dives into the art and science of advances.

The ultimate goal of the online course comes with certification that helps demonstrate your hard-earned skills in advance work. Note that you’ll need to pass each quiz with at least an 80% average to advance to the fieldwork section of the Masterclass.

Along the way, you’ll learn:

  • The why, what, who, how, and when of advances
  • The special role of advances in risk mitigation
  • Using protective intelligence in advance work
  • Structuring and formatting advance reports 

In this live online seminar, all participants and instructors in the three-day fieldwork course will get together virtually 15 days before meeting in-person in Las Vegas. This will allow us to:

  • Get acquainted with each other
  • Conduct briefings for pre-advance assignments—also known as the critical “desk research” done prior to on-location advances
  • Coordination of travel plans, recommendations regarding gear, and squaring away any other practicalities as necessary

In the fieldwork course, participants will put into practice the lessons learned in the online course and use the pre-advances that were briefed in the pre-fieldwork seminar – all under the supervision of and in collaboration with Christian West and assistant instructors.

This portion of the Masterclass will simulate conditions that agents experience while doing advances for actual principals. You can expect real-time feedback (and the occasional curveball from instructors) as you navigate venues, negotiate with stakeholders, and make the best of what you have – just like you will in the real world.

We’ll also cover: 

  • On-site venue, event, and expeditionary advances
  • Advances under time pressure
  • Open-source advances
  • Site surveys
  • Establishing SOPs and other policies and procedures based on advances
  • Advance write ups and presentations
  • Advance budgeting, manpower and resource management

Successful completion of the online course is a prerequisite for acceptance to the field workshop.

The hard work you’ve put in—both online and in the field—is only effective if you can retain what you’ve learned. That’s why this Masterclass includes sustainment training activities, paced every three months, for two years.

These 30-90 minute online sessions are designed to re-engage you with the material and make fresh the key takeaways you learned. Each is short enough to do consistently while still being challenging.

The fieldwork workshop will be offered two times a year. To ensure personal attention and feedback, the number of participants for each fieldwork course is limited to 18 persons per course.


LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV, where we have opportunities for many types of advance exercises, as well as convenient and reasonably priced travel and accommodations options.

EVALUATIONS: All evaluations are based on online quizzes and in-person instructor assessment of performance.

OPPORTUNITY COST: We’re offering a limited-time discounted rate of $2,497, excluding travel and accommodations during the three-day fieldwork course.



Executive protection architect and entrepreneur with decades of international experience.

He has successfully founded, led and sold two leading executive protection companies, AS Solution and West Security. 

A sought-after speaker, EP trainer, and security advisor in Europe and the United States, Christian is an active blogger who has written dozens of blogs and two bestselling books on executive protection.

Christian founded Asgaard Technologies to bring to market ProtectionManager, the world’s first app suite designed exclusively for the executive protection industry. He is also an advisor/investor in Stabilitas and RaySecur.