Director of Counterintelligence

I’m Kent Clizbe, Procypher’s Director of Corporate Counterintelligence.

I was an operations officer in the CIA, and later a contract ops officer. My specialty was manipulating people– recruiting human sources of foreign intelligence. Nowadays I apply my expertise in manipulation, and understanding of human nature, to counter hostile manipulation–or counterintelligence.

I worked as a headhunter in
the era, running my own business, the only headhunter specialized in computational linguistics. I was in the Air Force, where I was a Vietnamese linguist. I’ve worked in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, both for the government, and on my own. My counter-terrorism work, after 9/11, included running a hostage rescue operation in the Philippines.

 My education includes a BA and MA, focused on linguistics, business, and instructional design. As a trainer, facilitator, and instructional designer, I’ve worked for nearly every member of the US intelligence community, and most of the special forces, as well as a wide variety of for-profit companies.

I designed this learning activity, and look forward to helping you further deal with the threat of hostile manipulation of your people.